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Sewage crews find 1947 class ring, from nearly 70 years ago

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- A 1947 class ring has been found in an unlikely place, in a sewage line. A Stillwater water utilities department worker found the 10-karat class ring as he was flushing a backed-up sewer line.

The shiny object was a 1946 Chickasaw High School class ring.

Once found, Don Bishop, water utilities wastewater collection supervisor, took over.

Bishop snapped photos of the ring, including initials on the ring and the year.

With the assistance of the Chickasaw High School librarian, the ring's owner was identified.

Turns out the owner of the ring lost it in a toilet while at college at Oklahoma A&M, which is now Oklahoma State University.

Bishop says he hopes to have a ceremony soon to reunite the ring and its long lost owner.