New labor method hopes to help baby’s, mother’s health

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OKLAHOMA CITY- 8-week-old Crew's mom, Jordan Wisniewki, is in love.

She said, "He's perfect. Just the happiest little baby."

Crew is Jordan's second child. She had a C-section with the first one.

Wisniewski said, "I remember them showing him to me and pretty much after that he was gone."

When she had Crew by C-section, things were different.

She said, "They immediately brought him back to me, put him on my chest. The experience was so beautiful."

It's a practice called Skin to Skin Cesarian Section.

At Lakeside Women's Hospital, it is now standard as of this summer for C-sections.

Dr. Deborah Huff said it's actually not new.

Dr. Huff said, "It's new to us in our community, but it's been around for some time. I had a glimpse of skin to skin when I went to study the Australia Health Care system."

So Huff decided to try it here in Oklahoma.

She said, "After the baby's born, we dry it off and give it to the mother. The mother kind of lifts her gown, someone kind of helps her with that.  We put the baby right on top of the mom's chest."

Huff said the mom has the baby for around for 2 hours.

She said, "We did some research and there was evidence that clearly babies did much better if they had skin to skin right after birth."

Besides obvious bonding, Huff says there are many medical benefits including:

  • Faster infant weight gain
  • Improved Breastfeeding
  • Stable heart and respiratory rates
  • Improved infant immunity
  • Decrease in postpartum depression

Huff said so far they've had great response.

She said, "I don't know if we really know how it works but it makes sense that baby's been in the mother's womb for nine months."

A back to the basics approach that is taking medical care into the future.

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