UPDATE: Yukon driver license exam site closed for unsanitary conditions

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YUKON, Okla.- Residents in Canadian County will have to travel a bit farther if they need to take a driving test.

On Monday, the Driver's License Testing Center in Yukon closed its doors because of "unsanitary conditions," according to the Department of Public Safety.

Early Monday morning, customers started showing up to the facility.

They found an empty office with just a trash can and an Oklahoma flag hanging on the wall.

Sandra Yelloweyes said, "It's annoying and it's very disappointing."

Signs on the window said the center is closed until further notice.

However, signs posted inside are the reason behind the closure.

A sign on the bathroom door states that it is "out of order."

Yelloweyes said, "Poor bathrooms are not acceptable when you have so many people coming in and out of a public office."

According to the Department of Public Safety, the restrooms haven't been working for a while and never got fixed.

Carol Frawner said, "No restroom, no water and we were afraid to leave because we would lose our place in line."

Frawner had to drive 30 miles to get to the next nearest testing center, located on E. I-240, near Shields, in Oklahoma City.

Last week, Frawner and her son were at the Yukon center trying to get a license.

She said, "They said if we needed to go to the bathroom, we had to go two blocks north up to find a restaurant or a gas station to use the bathroom."

People in or near Yukon have to go to centers in southeast Oklahoma City or Edmond.

For Yelloweyes, she hopes a driver's license testing center opens in Yukon before her next trip.

She said, "My driver's license will expire next year and I certainly don't look forward to driving through the city."

The center in Edmond is located at 28 E. Main St.

The center in southeast Oklahoma City is located at 728 E. I-240 Frontage Rd.

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