In Your Corner: Military family stuck with outrageous phone bill

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OKLA. CITY - Katie Morgan is up to her neck in stress.

She home schools her three young children.

Her husband, an airman, recently deployed overseas.

Now T-Mobile, their cellular carrier, is demanding they pay a $1,872.67 phone bill.  

Katie said, “I'm thinking I'm going to have to sell a car.”

The Morgans share a T-Mobile phone plan with unlimited talk, text and data.

Prior to Brian's deployment, the couple tried suspending his line, but say several T-Mobile reps urged them to keep it.

Instead the Morgans were told to purchase an international talk and text plan.

That plan included free unlimited calls to some landlines, but not cell phones!

“We asked about roaming charges,” Katie said. “We were told there would be none.”

Then their outrageous bill arrived.

Now the Morgans are stuck with their monthly payment, plus more than $1,700 in roaming charges!

“I feel they mislead us knowing full well they were going to charge us and take advantage of our situation with him being deployed,” Katie said.

Here's the In Your Corner bottom line.

Our smartphones are constantly collecting and sending out data. 

Just like Brian, anyone can rack up roaming charges without even realizing it simply by leaving your phone turned on. 

Still, the Morgan's feel T-Mobile reps misled them.

In the end, all it took was a phone call and an email from the In Your Corner team to make the problem go away!

“T-Mobile Customer Care has resolved the matter and the Morgans were issued a credit," Senior Communications Manager, Paula Gottlob, said. "Out of respect for the customer’s privacy, we cannot provide additional details.”

Katie says right after our team made T-Mobile aware of the situation they contacted her offering to clear the remaining balance on the bill.

  • Roaming charges are legit, so customers are contractually obligated to pay them.
  • If you're going to travel abroad contact your service provider about putting together a travel package to help minimize roaming charges. 
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