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Long lost ring found in sewer reunited with owner

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- You never know where something of value may turn up. A water treatment worker in Stillwater knows that all too well. Recently he found a ring that has been missing for decades.

Don Bishop, Waste Water Supervisor, says "At this location was where service lines came across the street from the East to this location."

Waste Water Supervisor, Don Bishop, says this is also the place where a treasure hunt of sorts started.

Stillwater sewer and treatment workers see what a lot of others would prefer to avoid. But, recently while clearing a clogged line, a worker found something unusual.

Bishop says, "As they dumped the debris out of the back of the truck, they noticed something shiny in the debris, which is mostly gravel and chunks of dirt and as they raked it around they found this ring."

It turns out it was a 1947 high school class ring. It is 10 karat gold. It had been missing for nearly 66 years.

The ring was lost in Stillwater at a time when Oklahoma State University was known as Oklahoma A & M.

"We did a little investigating on it. We took a close-up picture of it and found out it was from Chickasha High School," Bishop explains.

There was something else on the ring. Don says he could make out the initials "I" "N."

Bishop then called the Chickasha High School and was put in touch with the librarian, who set out to find the owner. It didn't take long.

The librarian did some research and called me back this past Monday and said she had found the lady. Her name is Lodema Noland. She was still alive and still in the Chickasha area," Bishop says.

Lodema told the librarian she remembers losing the ring down the toilet. She probably thought she would never see it again.

And that likely would have been the case if it weren't for that ring clogging up a sewer line all these years later.

Don Bishop says, "It's one of those things that you lose something like that, you never know if you will ever recover it again, so we are just hoping it gets back to her and she is happy with it.

Here is a link to the story we previously published on the ring:

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