Baby Veronica group confronts Governor Fallin

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A group supporting Dusten Brown took the opportunity at a public event to confront Governor Mary Fallin over her involvement in the case.

Brown's daughter, Veronica, is at the center of a heated custody battle between himself and the couple from South Carolina that adopted her.

A Facebook group, Standing Our Ground For Veronica Brown, has taken a stance in favor of Dusten Brown keeping his daughter.

Several of their members attended Septemberfest on Saturday, an annual event at the Governor's Mansion and Oklahoma History Center.

Penny Nye said they didn't secure a permit to protest, so instead went wearing their t-shirts and passing out flyers.

"So we just thought that we would go and just have our t-shirts on saying that we support them and if we could educate someone, then we would do so," Nye said.

Nye said her group was displeased over the governor's decision to sign extradition papers to send Brown to a South Carolina court to answer to charges of custodial interference.

Nye said she never expected to speak with the governor but seized the chance when she was presented with it.

"I realized that that was Governor Fallin and, you know, I just thought, you know, that's my governor."

Nye stepped up and asked to speak to Governor Fallin.

"I just said, 'Governor, no daddy should ever ever have to fight for four years to take care of his own baby,'" Nye said.

Nye said Fallin never broke her gaze, listened to her and thanked her for voicing her concerns.

Nye said she has never met Dusten or Veronica and is not related to them in any way but became involved after reading the facts of the case in court documents.

"Just as a mom, you know, everybody complains about dead beat dads and stuff and here we have a dad who's not being that guy and he's having to fight," Nye said.

Nye said she is simply a citizen who wants to affect change and feels the outcome of this case could have broad implications for all of us.

Dusten Brown had turned himself in to Sequoyah County authorities and is currently out on bond pending the extradition hearing early next month.

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