NBC’s new show ready to launch 24/7 interactive game-play

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Game shows used to be a staple of primetime TV.

But everything old is new again with the “Million Second Quiz.

“We’re trying to rewrite the rule book about what you do for something like a quiz show,” said Executive Producer Stephen Lambert

Starting with a mammoth outdoor set built against a Manhattan backdrop.

“Big, magnificent, 60 some foot odd structure with 7 miles of cabling and over a million watts of power,” Executive Producer David Hurwitz said.

The giant hourglass-shaped set will be home to a nightly hour, hosted by Ryan Seacrest,that spotlights the players in a trivia quiz marathon going on 24/7 for nearly 12 days.

“There’s endurance to this. You have to be able to endure what it is you’ll have to go through if you stay for 3 nights, 4 nights, 6 nights,” Seacrest said.

The players also face competition from viewers at home.

They can answer the very same questions via smart phone, tablet or computer and potentially earn a trip to New York to play.

“We could knock on your door and say, ‘you’re coming with us’. and in 24 hours, you’re on the show!” said Seacrest.

Players who make it to the show’s “money chair” could earn thousands of dollars per hour culminating in a two million dollar prize on the show’s finale September 19th.

“Someone’s life will be significantly changed, live on television and I can’t wait for that moment and that emotion.”

The countdown is about to begin.

More About The Show:

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