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Marathon swimmers want data proof of Diana Nyad’s Cuba-to-Florida swim

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Diana Nyad inspired the entire country with her historic Cuba-to-Florida swim.

Now some marathon swimmers are taking a closer look at the feat.

A great story, an historic swim and lifelong quest for Nyad, the fifth time’s the charm at 64 finally conquering a feat once considered impossible.

But in the super competitive world of long-distance swimming, an achievement of this magnitude is raising questions and demanding answers.

Among other things, they want to know did she really swim all 110 miles, 53 hours in shark infested waters unassisted, or did she rest on a boat, hold onto a canoe or get pulled along?

The naysayers want her GPS, surface current, weather, eating and drinking data released to verify her claim.

Nyad’s team has promised a point-by-point response.

We’ll keep you posted.