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Student staying home because of mold

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HARRAH, Okla. – Some students in the Harrah School District believe mold is making them sick.

“At first I didn’t know about the mold,” said Gayla Barry. “I didn’t know what was wrong with her, why she was so sick at school.”

Barry has a stack of medicine for her daughter, Chloe. Medicine that keeps her child breathing. Barry says her daughter’s health problems began right when school started for the year at Clara Reynolds Elementary School.

“She couldn’t breathe,” said Barry. “We were sitting up in the bed with her, watching her when she would sleep because the cough was so bad, she couldn’t stop to breathe.”

Barry pulled Chloe out of school after she found out school administrators ordered a mold test in the building. Biosweep of Oklahoma tested four rooms for mold.

One, room 112, came back with a high count for several mold types, and Barry says room 112 is located close to her daughter’s classroom.

In fact, Barry showed NewsChannel 4 a doctor’s note that says Chloe needs to stay out of school until the mold is gone. The doctor suspects she might be severely allergic to that mold.

“The state that she goes into after she’s been in school for a couple of days is so severe with her asthma, that it’s different than before,” said Barry.

Superintendent Paul Blessington declined to talk about Chloe’s case, but he did give us a statement about the mold.

He said the elementary school had higher levels of moisture this summer. He said:

“The room that showed higher levels of mold spores has been sealed up and corrective measures have been put in to place to eliminate the issue.”

Chloe, meanwhile, won’t be going to school anytime soon.

News Channel Four also spoke with Todd HOffman, the person who took the mold report. He said the levels in the classrooms were not outside of the parameters of acceptable levels, but he also said he is not a microbiologist.