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Aso Pogi says SI misinterpreted his remarks

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LAWTON, Okla. -- Former OSU quarterback, Aso Pogi, spoke out from Lawton Tuesday in response to the Sports Illustrated article on alleged misconduct of OSU's football program.

Part of the article says Pogi lived rent free one summer at the ranch of OSU booster and FCA official, John Talley.

The article says Talley claimed Pogi had to work to cover his rent, but that Pogi denies he did any work.

In interviews with the media on Monday, Pogi says the Sports Illustrated reported misinterpreted what he said.

"He didn't ask me if I worked all of it off. I cut grass, I cleaned the pool. I had to buck horses. I had to clean horses. I worked all the time," said Pogi.

In Today's article in Sports Illustrated they wrote on Pogi and said the following:
Quarterback Aso Pogi (1999 to 2002) says he and another player lived at Talley's ranch one summer rent-free. In retrospect Pogi says, "It's a big deal. I was the starting quarterback." (Talley says that Pogi lived at his ranch and had to work to cover his rent; Pogi denies that he did any work.)