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Former all american Sam Mayes reacts to Sports Illustrated article

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Former OSU All-American Sam Mayes, now hosting for a local sports talk radio show reacted to part one of Sports Illustrated's investigative series with disbelief.

He says he never accepted any money for his performance during his time at OSU and never saw any of his teammates accept cash rewards.

Mayes says he remembers Les Miles always making sure boosters were kept out of the locker room for that very reason.

He spent Tuesday morning's two hour show on 107.7's The Franchise defending the OSU program during the Les Miles coaching era and talking with former stars who question the national magazine's sources.

He went on air almost immediately after part one of the series was released.

"Today was about saying wait a second you are claiming that this stuff happened right in front of all of us," says Mayes. "Well here are a bunch of stars that say it didn't"

He promised to listeners that what was written in the sports magazine about his alma mater is not true.

"I would get a lie detector test right now," says Mayes. "Right now."

He also had several former stars on the show there to back him up.

Former OSU linebacker Andre Sexton says, "It's so disappointing to see our former teammates doing this. They want to go after our program especially now that it is on the map."

Former Cowboy Greg Richmond says,  "Why hasn't a reporter called and tried to talk to me."

They all questioned the magazine's sources for the article and say they found a lack of facts.

"Right now from what they put out there today and from the mouths it came from, its garbage," says Mayes.  "There is no paper trail, no money trail, there's no actual facts in it just here say from what I would say are low character people.

Mayes even backed up former head coach Les Miles, a name mentioned repeatedly in the investigative series.

Mayes says, "I believe Les Miles when he says he did his best to keep the boosters out of the locker room."

The former Cowboys used every minute of Tuesday morning's radio show defending their football program.

"For people who are annoyed by it, you know what it is what it is, deal with it. It's my show I'll do what I want to do," says Mayes. "Today I gave a bunch of former players a voice. This is part one. I just have a feeling it's going to get a whole lot worse as the week goes on."