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Former OSU running back Tatum Bell: SI’s article ‘Pissed me off’

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Former OSU running back Tatum Bell talked with us about Sports Illustrated's article alleging misconduct in the OSU football program.

How does he feel about the allegations in the article?

"It pissed me off," Bell said.

Bell said boosters weren't allowed in the locker room.

The former running back said he never took any money while he played for OSU. He said he didn't even talk about it. He and his teammates only talked about working to make it to the pros.

Bell also addressed the accusation that the FCA was somehow involved in financially rewarding players.

Les Miles was the coach during the time these alleged indiscretions took place. Bell said Miles brought change, a winning change. He said Miles brought a winning attitude to their team.

What about the hostess rumors? Bell said they were totally false and he knew many of those involved with the program.

Bottom line, Bell said no player was taking any money while he was there.

Bell started for OSU from 2000-2003 and rushed for a total of 3,409 yards.

He was drafted by the Denver Broncos.