Rain chances possible starting middle of next week

NEW: OSU water still brown, to be clean by first home game

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STILLWATER, Okla. - It looks like tea and tastes like dirt: that's how students at OSU describe the water on campus.

Freshman Schuyler Trenary says it's been brown for about a month, from the sinks, to the toilets, to the showers.

"Kind of gross." Trenary said. "A bottle of water is cheap and stuff, you know. But I got to shower in that?"

School officials say the problems comes from Lake Carl Blackwell, the school's water source. Recent rains stirred up the water, causing unusually high levels of manganese. Officials say those levels spiked this weekend, but never to the point where it would be harmful.

"We saw a large concentration increase on Friday night and Saturday, we changed where we were bringing the water in from the lake, and we`re seeing good results from that right now." Director of Utilities and Energy Management James Rosner said.

Rosner said it may look bad but it is not dangerous to students and faculty.

The university is giving students bottled water, adding extra filters onto drinking fountains, and should be installing extra filters in some of the showers by Tuesday.

For the most part, students are rolling with the punches and trying to see the humor in the situation.

"Hey, benefits of that is that you always stay tan!" Trenary joked.

OSU officials say the manganese levels are going down and they are confident they will have crystal clear water by the first home football game this Saturday.