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Former OSU player looks back at SI interview

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LAWTON, Okla. - NewsChannel 4 met with former OSU Quarterback Aso Pogi Wednesday in his hometown of Lawton.

Pogi gave reporters an inside look at the Sports Illustrated interview process.

You're used to seeing Pogi on the OSU field, but now, he's on Elgin High School's field, coaching young players.

"I love it!" said Pogi.

However, the love of the game has been met with some controversy since the SI reporter, Thayer Evans, showed up unannounced at his church last week.

"Yourself, you come in here today, you've got a camera, you pull out a pen and pad, You're going to be formal about your notes, all that. None of that [happened], [he] never pulled out a tape recorder; never pulled out a pen or a pad," Pogi says.

While Pogi says Evans never took a single note during their conversation, the reporter ended up quoting Pogi in a way that the former athlete says was inaccurate.

"I'm more so in shock of the statements he's making. That's more so how the interview went, but if you read the article, it doesn't really sound like that," said Pogi.

Pogi says the reporter repeatedly tried make him admit to seeing wrong doing.

"[He said] 'Aso, you had to of known this was going on. You had to of known the girls are doing this.' [I said] 'No I didn't. 'You had to of known this.' and so it was a lot of that," said Pogi.

From the football field, to his church in Lawton, to his job as a behavioral counselor for children, Pogi is very involved with kids in his community.

Pogi says John Talley was one person who helped him take that path. However, the article slams Talley accusing him of illegally compensating players.

"You're talking about somebody who's been involved in ministry and elevated young people. This is the kind of people we need in our community. We are begging people to step up and do," said Pogi. "And he does a fine job. So I really wanted to stick up and put myself out there and say I never saw him giving money."

Pogi says if the article damages his reputation in the community, he'll take action to back up his words.

Although, the former athlete doesn't feel like he will need to go that far.