‘Hearts of Hope’ mentoring at Will Rogers Elementary is ‘What’s Right with Our Schools’

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- We all know there are positive and exciting stories about things happening in our schools.

NewsChannel 4’s Meg alexander shows how grandparents are bridging the generation gaps to help children learn at one Oklahoma City school.

As part of our series “What’s Right with Our Schools,” we went to Will Rogers Elementary School in Oklahoma City. It is part of the Putnam City School District.

Inside the library, student Brynlee Gardner is meeting with a volunteer; her name is Marty Crawford.

Crawford is from a nearby church group called “Hearts of Hope.” They are grandparents who adopted Will Rogers Elementary and volunteer at the school to help students learn.

“Hearts of Hope” recognizes the importance of quality time. A grandparent can help a much younger generation of students.

Teachers like Geri Mentzer, work closely with Crawford and volunteers from “Hearts of Hope” to assign students important activities, and depending on the grade level, the lessons can include reading, writing, math, or sight words.

“Crawford thoroughly enjoys working with students like Brynlee and she says she knows she`s making a difference,” 2nd grade teacher, Geri Mentzer, says.

“The feeling is mutual says Gardner,” says mentor Marty Crawford.

Our sponsor of what`s “Right With Our Schools,” Randall Reed Ford presented a check to Will Rogers Elementary.

Principal John Lunn says he`s seen the positive influence “Hearts of Hope” is having on students here.

Hearts of Hope at Will Rogers Elementary School is another example of “What`s Right With Our Schools.

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