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Many questioning Sports Illustrated ‘Dirty Game’ author’s credibility

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

With all of these denials, many people are questioning the accuracy of the reporting and specifically the work of reporter Thayer Evans.

Evans has been highly critical of OSU in the past, even referring to the university as “Chokie State” in some of his articles.

Some of his work for the New York Times was called into question for “poor fact-checking.”

Tuesday morning on the sports animal, News Channel 4 sports director Bob Barry, Jr. interviewed ESPN writer Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock used to work with Thayer Evans and he did not speak kindly of his former colleague.

“I’ve worked with him,” he said. “He’s simple-minded. He`s a hack that can`t write. This isn`t personal, I promise. I have no reason to dislike Thayer Evans personally and I don’t.”

We reached out to Evans both Monday and Tuesday to ask him about his reporting and his sources we have yet to hear back.

Meanwhile, there are also new questions about the sources used for this article.

According to Bob Barry, Jr. they could have an axe to grind against OSU.

He said some of the former players who were quoted by Sports Illustrated had actually been kicked off the team; Calvin Mickens, Brad Girtman, Seymour Shaw and Thomas Wright.

However, Sports Illustrated did not make it abundantly clear to readers that these sources may have had a reason to be disgruntled.