OSU player, Chris Norris, slams Sports Illustrated reporter

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- An Oklahoma State University graduate is defending the school's academic standards for athletes, following another Sports Illustrated article that accuses the college of helping football players cheat.

Chris Norris says his mother, Kay, who died from lung cancer in 2006, tutored former running back Seymore Shaw for three years.

Based on his mother's integrity and experience, Norris doesn't believe the article's claim that players didn't have to complete homework or show up to class.

He also denies the magazine's claim that his mother paid Shaw $700 several times to clean their rental homes.

That's because Norris said the family has only one rental house, which is in Broken Bow. He blames Sports Illustrated for not double checking their facts.

"My father is still alive and they could have spoken with him or spoken to me," Norris said Wednesday. "I think they (S.I.) took the easy way out."

Wednesday afternoon, Shaw sent NewsChannel 4 a statement in response to the article:
"I agreed to talk with Thayer Evans (S.I. reporter) with the presumption that we would be talking about something completely different. I became uncomfortable with where the conversation was going and later retracted all statements.  I very clearly let him know I did not want to be a part of his story and that he did not have my permission to use any part of our conversation or my name," Shaw wrote.
"I am ashamed and embarrassed that my name is being associated with the school in this way.  These are not my true feelings of the university or the football program, but in my opinion, those of a reporter so desperately looking for anything to support his agenda."