READ: Second SI article released; accusations of OSU academic misconduct

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READ: Second article has been released in the Sports Illustrated “Dirty Game” series. It alleges academic misconduct to keep football players eligible.

UPDATE 9 a.m.: In the latest SI “Dirty Game” article, OSU is accused of academic misconduct to keep football players eligible.

According to the article:

Tutors were providing improper academic assistance:

– Players admitted to cheating by turning in tests completed by tutors.
– Players admitted research papers were written by tutors and simply turned in by players.
– According to the article, “Players said that they routinely had their coursework completed by tutors or university staff members, that they were provided with answers to exams before taking them, and that they received passing grades despite doing little or no work.”
– A secret library assistant would allow players to drop off their assignments to be completed by someone else.
– “Four players and two former assistants told SI that they had teammates who they believed were functionally illiterate even after attending the school for multiple years.” 

Keeping players eligible to play was the university’s top priority:

– Players describe a university-wide understanding among professors that football players must get a passing grade, despite attendance or completion of course work.
– Several players claim they got passing grades for classes they did not attend.
– Players describe getting an A despite completing zero of the classwork.

Providing inappropriate academic assistance to players is detrimental to their education:

– Cowboys’ graduation rate during their the 2012 was the third worst in the BCS.

MORE: OSU has launched a website to respond to the allegations in Sports Illustrated’s reports

UPDATE: 8:30 a.m.: Sports Illustrated has released part two of their investigation into OSU’s football program; this time they will focus on academics.

Reaction to Tuesday’s article on money sparked mixed emotions including disappointment, outrage and even denial that the article was factual.

Wednesday the second in the series of five articles will cover academic misconduct.

More specifically, that tutors did homework for athletes and that, in some cases, professors changed grades in order to keep athletes eligible.

Monday the explosive allegations about former OSU players accepting money from boosters is being met with widespread denial, even from sources used for the article.

That includes former quarterback Josh fields who was identified in the article as receiving bonuses.

“I did not; I never accepted any money,” he said. “I never witnessed anyone accepting any money.  You know, they’re trying to sell magazines and the truth sometimes is boring.”

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Part three will be released Thursday on drugs and allegations that OSU’s drug policy was selectively enforced.

Then part four on Friday  will specifically focus on OSU’s “Orange Pride” program and reports that sex played a prominent role in recruiting athletes.

Finally part five will be online Tuesday, what Sports Illustrated calls “The Fallout.”

The magazine interviews players who believe they were cast aside by the program and later ended up living on the streets or battling drug abuse.