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UPDATE: State Fair rides have to pass safety inspection test prior to opening day

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OKLAHOMA CITY- Opening day at the Oklahoma State Fair is approaching and with that anticipation comes safety.

On Wednesday, state inspectors went from ride to ride to make sure they are up to par and operating properly.

From the Cliff Hanger to the Ferris Wheel, each ride has to pass a state inspection test that aims at making sure all fair-goers are safe.

Oklahoma City-Opening day at the Oklahoma State Fair is on Thursday and with the anticipated fun comes safety.

Jeff Duke, a state inspector, said, "All rides have lots of moving parts."

Duke said no nut, bolt or screw goes unnoticed.

He said, "Give it a tug to make sure it's secure."

The inspections take around 30 minutes each but can last longer.

Even after the rides get the all clear, it doesn't end there.

State inspectors are on call during fair hours in order to monitor the operators and the functionality of the rides..

While safety precautions are key, there's always the thought of "what if."

The State's Labor Commissioner ensures Oklahoma has put a high standard on the system that makes sure carnival rides are 100 percent operational and meet safety needs.

Once the rides pass the inspection test, more than 90 percet of any errors are either patron or operator related, so make sure you follow the safety rules so you can enjoy the ride.

Mark Costello, with the Labor Commission, said, "The number of incidents related to carnival ride accidents have fallen dramatically over the last 10 years; they've been cut in half."

With 11 days of fun ahead and around a million attendees expected, fair-goers have a lot to look forward to.

The Oklahoma State Fair opens Thursday, September 12 and runs through September 22.