Students and players react to ‘part 2’ of SI report on OSU football

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- Today, the latest installment in the SI investigative series focused on claims that players cheated their way through college classes.

According to the magazine's reporters, 13 athletes admitted to participating in some form of academic misconduct while at OSU.

Sports Illustrated claims the university's goal was to keep good players eligible by any means necessary.

But on the OSU campus students weren't buying those claims.

NewsChannel 4 talked to many students who sit side by side in class with athletes from the football program.

“I've been there, I've seen it and I know it's not true,” one student says.

“I know, from firsthand experience, that those guys work hard and the coaches stay on top of them,” another student said. “I probably miss more class than they did.”

Chris Norris Son of Kay Norris says, "My father is still alive and they could have spoken with him or spoken to me. I think they took the easy way out."

Seymore Shaw sent us this statement, which blasted the report, and the reporter, Thayer Evans saying, "I very clearly let him know I did not want to be a part of his story and that he did not have my permission to use any part of our conversation or my name.”

Shaw went on to say, "These are not my true feelings of the university or the football program, but in my opinion, those of a reporter so desperately looking for anything to support his agenda."

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