UPDATE: Flash flooding, washout closes metro roads Friday

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UPDATE: The overnight showers have closed roads in Oklahoma County Friday. 

A portion of N.W. 206th St. is washed out and the road is now closed. NW Portland sinkhole

The the possible sink hole is near N.W. 220th St. east of Portland.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Some areas saw a quick rain shower and even a little flooding this evening.

There were reports of some motorist being stranded; stuck in water created by flash flooding.

Some of the worst areas were near N.W. 19th and MacArthur just before 8:00 pm. Firefighters had to pull a car from the over-sized puddle and rescue the driver.

The car was not drivable and had to be towed. Most of the water has already drained but a witness told us the water rose as high as the car windows.

"Water gets deep over there like I told you; about three or four feet deep and people drive through it and that's what happened. It's happened to me before,” Robert Nash says.

Witnesses who work in the area say it’s easy to misjudge how deep the water is in that spot. We hear it at lot; “turn around don't drown,” something to always remember.

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