Edmond home peppered with gunfire

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EDMOND, Okla -- Residents say it sounded like fireworks. A series of pops echoed through the middle class Edmond neighborhood near Danforth Rd. & Blackwelder Sunday evening.

Resident, Blair Galberth said, "It's devastating. I couldn't believe it happened here at my house."

Blair moved into the home with his mom and little brother six months ago. They were home when a barrage of bullets pierced the house and car, parked in the driveway.

Detectives aren't giving any details about the Sunday shooting, but we do know this. Based on the spray paint circles on the pavement police use to mark the bullets, the shooter fired not once, but at least 16 times into the the occupied home.

Nobody was injured, but one round came dangerously close to the family.

Galberth said, "One bullet came through the attic, into the bathroom and into my bedroom. If it had come all the way through the bedroom, we would have been standing there and somebody would have been hit."

Police are asking for the public's help to advance the investigation; even offering a cash reward.

Police Spokeswoman, Jenny Monroe said, "Obviously sitting home on a Sunday night, that's the last thing you're expecting. So, there is a heightened awareness from the neighbors. It's a very uncomfortable feeling and we are investigating and pursuing it very vigorously."

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