Settlement reached after doctor sues medical board

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Today a settlement was reached in a case against an Oklahoma doctor who was under investigation, but also was suing the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision.

Thursday, the spine surgeon appeared before the medical board for an initial disciplinary hearing, but instead the board reached a settlement with the doctor.

Dr. Steven Anagnost is a Tulsa doctor who specializes in orthopedic spine surgery. There are cases naming him as the defendant dating back to 2002, though court records show some have been dismissed.

In July, Dr. Anagnost filed suit claiming the medical board acted inappropriately in their investigation.

The suit claimed the board had violated their own rules and regulations, that their actions were not protecting the public and that the doctor could not get a fair hearing before the board.

That suit was filed in July.

Thursday the attorney general's office stepped in on behalf of the board to present a settlement.

The proposed settlement would require Dr. Anagnost to complete a medical fellowship to further his training in the area of spinal surgeries, he will undergo training in the areas of medical billing and record keeping, he will pay a fine of $10,000 and pay the cost of his proceedings.

Once he has completed those terms he will reappear before the board.

The board dismissed for 30 minutes while they discussed the settlement in executive session.

They then took a public vote, deciding in a 4-3 vote to accept the settlement. The decision halts their investigation and the doctor's lawsuit.

We tried to talk with all of the parties involved. Dr. Anagnost's attorney said they would not comment today.

The medical board also said they would not be able to release a comment on the issue today because of the large volume of other cases to also be heard today.

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