Work on MAPS3 trails set to begin

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Another MAPS 3 project is about to begin construction. This one involves a series of multi million dollar bike trails spanning all of Oklahoma City.

This week city leaders have finalized plans for the first phase of the MAPS 3 bike trails. Construction should begin next month.

"We know that trails bring people outside," said trail advocate Hal McKnight. "What MAPS 3 does is connect all the trails together."

For example, right now the trail along the Oklahoma river ends near 15th and Meridian.

The first phase of MAPS 3 will connect the river trail to 10th and Council.

That's where the trail around Lake Overholser currently ends.

"We're going to have a trail system that's going to be a contiguous trail connecting all of Oklahoma City to itself," said McKnight.

"Of course from a business standpoint, we'll sell more bikes.  That's something we like," said Steve Schlegal.

The owner of Schlegal Bikes says the trails are more than just good business.

They could also improve the city's health and quality of life.

"It's a way of life," said Schlegal. "Cities that are desirable to live in, this is an element that makes them desirable."

MAPS 3 manager David Todd says the first phase will cost around $13 million, but the work won't end there.

In all, $39 million will be spent on the MAPS 3 trails.

"This'll be an interconnected system of trails that will allow people to go all over the city, just on the trails," said Todd.

The MAPS 3 trails have been split into four phases.

The other phases will include trails along I-44, another near the airport and around Lake Stanley Draper.

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