Dry summer and recent rainfall, cause for cricket invasion

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Crickets seem to be just about everywhere right now.

The dry weather followed by recent rainfall are said to be the cause of this invasion.

Leaf blowers and power washers are being used in an attempt rid Quail Springs Shopping Center of the army of crickets clinging to the walls.

One shopper said, "It's gruesome, it's nasty."

Dianna Christian said, "I've never seen anything like this ever and I was hoping it wouldn't fall in my hair."

Many shoppers stopped to do a double take and even snap a few pictures before ducking for cover and tip-toeing away from the relentless swarm of bugs.

Christian said, "I'm going to have nightmares probably."

Some shoppers walked into PetSmart to purchase a bag of crickets for reptiles but found the sidewalks covered in the critters.

However, experts say you shouldn't just scoop up the bugs to take home to your pet.

The ones from PetSmart are farm bred and safe for reptile consumption.

One question still remains, why so many crickets?

Dry summers cause cracks in the ground, which gives crickets plenty of room to lay their eggs.

Once the moisture hits, those eggs hatch.

Whether you like it or not, the crickets will be around until the first hard freeze, a reality that doesn't sit well with everyone.

Phillip Abernathy said, "That one that's always in the house somewhere that's always making that noise, keeping you up all night."

Christian said, "As long as they stay here and don't come to my house, I'm okay."

To prevent crickets from invading your home, you can limit outdoor lighting so they won't be attracted to the house.

Also, you could use pesticides outside, which will kill off the insects.

However, if you do that, the crickets need to be cleaned up because dead crickets attract live crickets.

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