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Deadly Colorado flooding forces thousands from their homes

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LYONS, Col. -- With rain finally subsiding, there was help again today from the National Guard.

Military personnel delivered badly needed supplies, and rescued residents in Lyons, Colorado isolated from floodwaters.

"It's kind of like an island that's surrounded by rushing water and we didn't have electricity or water or gas. It's devastating to be honest, It's complete destruction," said Lyons resident Holly Bolen.

Bolen says her 81 year old father has been missing since early Thursday.

He is among more than a dozen people still unaccounted for.

"Anxious, nervous - as times goes on it gets a little more so that way. I feel he has lots of commons sense. He was a Boy Scout leader for many, many years. He knows what to do if he got stuck in the house and we are just putting our faith in that," Bolen said.

Across Colorado, hundreds of roads and bridges are damaged or destroyed and many areas still underwater, like in Estes Park, where a pond from flash flooding now covers what was a popular amusement park.

Swollen rivers and streams along with saturated soil, are contributing to closures of major highways and dozens of roads.

"We are not out of the woods yet. We are still in a critical condition and that's something people need to keep in mind," said Chief Mark Beckner of the Boulder Police Department.

Across Colorado, people are assessing the damage, like Craig Englehorn whose distillery business was among those in Lyons underwater.

"I know there is a lot of damage. As much s i am bummed about my business, we just suck it up and move on maybe help everybody else out," Englehorn said.

Its historic flooding with recovery not expected for days, possibly weeks.

From NBC News