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Fans respond to SI writer’s words to critics

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Stillwater, Okla. - Oklahoma Sate University fans say they are having a hard time believing Sports Illustrated's Thayer Evans interview responding to critics.

"The solid proof would be nice," says Alex Goldberg.

The OSU student says the article claiming past football players took part in illegal money exchanges, grade altering and sex and drug deals has made fans more passionate about supporting the school.

"Whenever something like this goes on, you feel more motivated to support them," said Goldberg.

Other students agree.

"When someone attacks something you love, you support it even more," said John Dunn.

Evans told critics he doesn't have an axe to grind with Oklahoma State. He says he has recorded interviews as evidence that he did not misquote interviewees.

"I really wish he would come forward with evidence," says Goldberg.

OSU ticket manager says tickets sales are coming close to beating the record number set in 2011.

Crowds are expected to continue cheering on the Cowboys.