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Officers patrolling to protect carnival goers

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Officials say over the years anywhere from 900,000 to a million people come out the Oklahoma State Fair to have a good time, enjoy the rides and food.

Also in attendance, those who are up to no good. Oklahoma City Police officers are on hand doing their best to make sure criminals don't crash the fair party.

"Our goal is, every time someone turns around, I want them to see a police officer walking by and just know that we're here and we're watching the crowd," said Captain Wade Gourley.

And at every camera turn we saw officers doing just that, from various levels. On the ground, high in the sky, and midway points from lifeguard stands; law men are out in full force.

But there are some proactive measures carnival goers can take to prevent being a victim of crime.

"Ipads, computers, those kind of things just leave those at home. If you do have to bring them out here, secure them maybe in the trunk out of full view so that other people can't see those," said Capt. Gourley.

Another thing to watch out for, snatch and grabs. Although they're rare at the fair, they do happen. But Gourley said the biggest job officers have is protecting the little ones.

"They told us to stay together so we don't get lost," said nine-year-old Ansley Underwood.

That's because her parents George and Laura Underwood already had important talks with they're girls. 

"We told them to be sure they can always see us. We talk to them about knowing their phone number and finding a police officer if we were separated," Laura Underwood says.

So as they aim for those big prizes, dad is always close by.

"As people start to congregate more and more throughout the day, we have to keep them a little closer to us as we go through the evening," George Underwood says.

Police say there is also a no tolerance policy for gangs and they actually look for gang colors and bad behavior while they patrol.

There's also overnight security so at all times there is law enforcement presence.