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OSU students call 5th SI article ‘crap’

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- The latest release of the Sports Illustrated article dives into the alleged use of sex to tempt recruits to play for Oklahoma State University.

SI claims they talked with one recruit who said he visited OSU in 2003 and had sex with two Orange Pride girls at the same time; but they are not naming names to protect the identities of those two women.

Former OSU player Richetti Jones was outraged at the accusations and says they are ridiculous.

ÔÇťOrange Pride, those girls are great stand up young ladies and they're classy women, because if they didn't have any class to them, they would not be chosen to be Orange Pride girls," He said.

The article also quotes former Orange Pride members from 2003 who said there was always a "group within a group" that would try to sleep with players, and that people did cross the line.

Current students say sex at college is nothing new.

"You can go to any university across the nation and I guarantee stuff similar to that would be going on," Freshman Patrick Osborne said. "I think it's being blown way out of proportion."

The university accused SI of sensationalizing a small number of alleged sexual encounters between recruits and hostesses. Those loyal to OSU don't put much stock in the accuracy of the article because it was written by a "well-known OSU hater."

"I'm just tired of it," Senior Laine Lotspeich said. "Obviously, OSU deserves to have some recognition because we're a growing school and we're awesome. And instead we're getting recognized for things that are complete crap."

Sports Illustrated conducted an internal interview with one of the writers of the OSU report, Thayer Evans. Here is that interview: