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Estranged husband accused of choking wife, setting house on fire

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PURCELL, Okla. - Police say a woman survived a terrible attack from her estranged husband Monday night.

Authorities say Steven Walkup had reportedly made several threats of coming to the woman's house and doing some sort of damage.

On Monday night, those threats became a reality.

Police say Walkup kicked in his estranged wife's door and threatened to kill her before slamming the butt of a rifle into her head.

Sgt. Brandon McDonald, with the McClain County Sheriff's Office, said, “She went to the ground. He began to choke her and just before she passed out, she managed to bite him and get free.”

Authorities say Walkup then set a mattress on fire, burning the mobile home to the ground.

When officers arrived, they found the woman in desperate need of medical help.

McDonald said, “She had injuries to her head from being hit from the butt of the gun. I believe her arm had slight burns from the fire. And she had bruising around her neck from being strangled.”

Police arrested Walkup a few miles away in a pasture.

They say his wife had just filed protective orders against him last week.

Walkup is now in jail on a $500,000 bond.

He's being charged with violation of a protective order, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon with intent to do bodily harm and first-degree arson.