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NEW: Okla. County Clerk charged with DUI, leaving scene of accident

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A city official is now facing multiple charges following her arrest Tuesday night.

Carolynn Caudill, the Oklahoma County Clerk,  was taken into custody Tuesday night for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident.

Police say the county clerk crashed into a parked car before speeding away.

Luckily, she didn't make it far before being arrested.

MarQutta Goss said, "It's just crazy."

The back bumper of Goss' silver Kia is trashed.

She said, "It's drivable but it's kinda messed up."

Broken car parts mark the spot where an allegedly drunk driver slammed into the car, with another driver looking on while on the phone with 911.

The 911 caller said, "He just took out a vehicle here on 79th street.  It's halfway blocking the street."

Here is the 911 call that led to Caudill's arrest:

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, "There was nobody in the car she hit but it was dangerous. Somebody could've been hurt if they'd been in the car."

Oklahoma City police say the intoxicated driver eventually stopped in a nearby yard.

According to the police report, Caudill had "difficulty standing on her own feet, kept swaying and had to lean on the patrol vehicle to keep balance."

Wardlow said, "The standard field sobriety tests such as walk and turn were not given because she was very unsteady on her feet."

After being taken to jail, Caudill refused to take the state breathalyzer test but did apologize to officers.

She later added, "You don't know what you did, you could've let me go home."

"I kinda feel bad for her but I don't because she shouldn't have been drinking and driving," said Goss.  "She should know the law better than most of us.  It's against the law."

NewsChannel 4 sat down with Caudill's attorney Shawn Jefferson. He said his the clerk is very apologetic. 

"My client made a mistake she's taken responsibility for her actions. She's very humble and remorseful for the experience and the situation. She has 20 plus years of really good service and I don't think that she should be judged by one Tuesday night," said Jefferson.

News Channel 4: "A lot of statistics will tell you when someone reaches the point of having a DUI, either they have a drinking problem or this isn't the first time they've been drunk behind the wheel. Would you say this is true for your client?

"I'm extremely confident that this is an isolated incident and there will not be another incident," said Jefferson.

News Channel 4: "So she does not have a drinking problem? No, not that I know of or aware of at all.

News Channel 4: "So she won't be seeking any sort of treatment?

"Its too early for me to make that comment and I prefer not to say," said Jefferson.

Also in the police report, officers say Caudill said quote "You don't know what you did. You could have let me go home."

Her attorney said he's still collecting information so he can't confirm or comment on statements she may or may not have made in the report.

Caudill posted bond and walked out of jail just a couple of hours after her arrest.

County clerk is an elected position.