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Top courses that prepare students for high demand jobs

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More people are looking for jobs that are in high demand and offer job security in today’s economy.

However, more than a 250,000 college graduates worked for minimum wage last year and even more are in jobs that only require a high school diploma.

Business experts say students heading into college should recalibrate when it comes to curriculum.

Kelli Grant, from CNBC, said, “No matter what your major is, you want to try to think about what employers want, not necessarily think what your school wants.”

Experts say the best courses college students can take to better their chances at landing a job are in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, professional writing and business.

Grant said, “It helps you be a better employee if you understand how your business works and that will let you understand how you can make a difference.”

Leadership studies is another course that recruiters recommend.

Theater arts can also lead to other skills that are needed in the job market.

Grant said, “It helps to have some comfort speaking in public, making your case and that’s something you could get through a theater arts course.”

Recruiters also urged students to take something that is heavy in internships, regardless of major.

Computer science, software engineering, nursing and criminal justice are several other majors that college students should consider.