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Edmond Mayor Honored

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Edmond mayor Charles Lamb has been honored with the 2013 Ray Duffy Personal Service Award. The award is presented by the Municipal Electrical Systems of Oklahoma (MESO) to individuals who promote public power.

Mayor Lamb is the first two-time recipient of the award. He was first awarded the honor in 2003 during his first term as mayor.

“It’s not often you find an elected official with the tenure of Mayor Lamb continuing his active and very vocal promotion of municipal power.” Tom Rider, MESO general manager stated.

Rider says Lamb tirelessly promotes public power to citizens of Oklahoma and around the country. He added Edmond is a showcase which could be modeled across the country.

Edmond Electric employs more than 20 employees and is powered by the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority. The power system covers 90 square miles and more than 83,000 residents.