Man arrested after allegedly attacking officer, trying to grab gun

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A 42-year-old man is behind bars after allegedly attacking a police officer on Tuesday.

Authorities say Officer Daniel Holtzclaw was patrolling the area around the Liberty Station Apartment Complex when he spotted a man walking around the property.

According to the police affidavit, Holtzclaw tried to stop and talk to the man but he took off running.

The officer called for backup through his radio but it was hard to understand.

When a second officer arrived, he found Officer Holtzclaw and the suspect wrestling on the ground.

Holtzclaw yelled at the other officer that the suspect was trying to get his gun.

Authorities arrested 42-year-old Shelton Ray Williams.

Holtzclaw told other officers at the scene that he had tried to call for backup when they started fighting but Williams allegedly swiped his radio out of his hand.

The pair began struggling and that’s when Holtzclaw felt a tug on his weapon.

Williams is now facing charges of assault and battery on a city official, resisting arrest, obstructing and providing false information.

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