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Piano offers peace to man who lost everything in Colo. floods

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BOULDER, Colo. - In the middle of his mud-flooded home, a Colorado man is finding solace on his waterlogged piano.

Mark Changaris understands stress since he works as a popular attorney in the Boulder area.

When he lost most of his possessions in a flood, additional stress could have pressed him into anger.

Instead, it eventually moved him to press on a set of piano keys.

Changaris said, "You know, I couldn't resist the urge to play it."

He returned to pack what he could salvage and, in a moment between exhaustion and serenity, he noticed the perseverance of a piano.

He said, "Its legs are covered in mud. It's splattered."

He began to play the song 'Mad World.'

Changaris said, "It's kinda funny, it's kinda sad and I think that that captures it."

He says he has played the piano off and on for about 15 years but it's not the first time he has used music to decompress.

Changaris said, "A lot of times I would just sit and bang on the piano. It's a release to sit down and play and let the music bounce off the walls."

The walls of his former home are showing less debris and the clean-up is showing more progress.

He said, "This too will pass."

Changaris said, "In the grand scheme of things, the crisis at the moment won't overtake you and you will survive."

Experts believe the beautiful canyons that drew tourists and home buyers for more than a century acted as funnels when the rainfall began.

Six people are confirmed dead and 200 remain unaccounted for at this time.