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In Your Corner: Facebook scam

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Anita Dunbar could use the extra cash.

“We struggle with our bills [and] our groceries,” she said.

She and her husband struggle to provide for their three kids.

So when the promise of a big payday popped up in her facebook inbox, she took the bait.

“Why does people want to scam people like that,” Anita said. “I don't understand that.”

The email purports to be from facebook, but Anita tells the In Your Corner team she dealt directly with someone using the name, Agent Barry Moore.

Anita was instructed to wire various fees in order to claim her winnings.

The scammers also tried tricking her into cashing counterfeit checks.

Luckily Anita's bank wouldn't let her withdraw the money.

Still, she's out the overdraft fees and is blaming herself for her family's financial loss.

The In Your Corner bottom line is this:

  • Do not wire cash.
  • Do not click on strange links. 
  • Do not hand over your personal information.

There's no such thing as a facebook lottery! Remember, you have play to win. If you don’t enter a lottery, you can’t win!

  • Delete suspicious emails.