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UPDATE: Women brought together by theft reunited with trucks

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Two women brought together by unfortunate circumstances are now celebrating.

Sunday, someone stole Jaime Trevino's maroon Ford F-250 from the Oklahoma State Fair. Less than 24 hours later, thieves drove away with Jessica Williams' white Ford F-250.

The women met Thursday for the first time, brought together by Facebook after posting about their plights.

Around 11 pm Thursday, Oklahoma City Police found Trevino's truck parked back at the fairgrounds.

"We went to a car dealership yesterday and started looking around. I started crying in there `I just can`t do this I want my truck back.` So I`m so very thankful that we got it back." Trevino said.

A few hours later, Newcastle Police pulled over two suspects driving Jessica's stolen truck. They arrested and charged Angela and Dustin Smallwood with drug possession, possession of stolen property, driving under a suspended license, and running a stop sign.

“I was just jumping all over the bedroom. I was just all over the place. I called my mom, I called Jaime, I called my sister, I called Dad, Grandma, I called everybody.” Williams said.

Both trucks need a lot of repairs and police do not believe the two truck thefts are connected.

Jaime and Jessica say they are sorry they both went through this experience, but are glad it brought them together as friends.