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Cows, ducks lead authorities to prison escapees

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ANGOLA, La. – Officials turned to an unusual source for help after two inmates escaped from a Louisiana prison early Sunday morning.

Authorities said Melvin John and Aaron Francis broke through a fence in the yard, scaled a razor fence and hid by a levee at the edge of the prison grounds.

Officials said the convicts even packed dozens of bags of peanuts and pepper to try to throw off the search dogs.

After searching around the facility, officials took notice of the animals nearby.

Prison authorities said they could tell where the prisoners were hiding because of the cows and flock of ducks that suddenly bolted from the wooded area.

“We never have lost one that we didn’t catch,” prison Warden Burl Cain said. “So it’s pretty hard to get away from us, we practice all the time. And they looked pretty sad and we were pretty happy.  So it was a good Sunday morning and it was actually pretty interesting.”

Bot inmates are serving life sentences.

One was convicted of murder and the other was convicted for rape.

Escape charges are now pending.

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