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Pres. Obama calls for more gun control after Navy yard shooting

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WASHINGTON – President Obama called for stricter gun laws during a memorial service for the 12 victims of the navy yard shooting.

Polls show most Americans support reforms like universal background checks but congress does not seem very anxious to get involved in a gun control debate.

During the memorial service, the president talked about guns made just a few months after the Newtown shooting are responsible for another mass killing.

“Sometimes I fear there’s a creeping resignation that these tragedies are just somehow the way it is, that this is somehow the new normal,” Pres. Obama said. “We can’t accept this.”

However, NRA executive VP and CEO Wayne LaPierre said the amount of people who own guns isn’t the issue.

“The problem is there weren’t enough good guys with guns,” LaPierre said. “When the good guys with guns got there, it stopped.”

Even if lawmakers decided to renew the gun debate in congress, it couldn’t’ happen right away.

They have just about a week to agree on a budget and prevent a government shutdown.

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