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Shawnee police nab sleepy robbery suspects

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SHAWNEE, Okla. -- Business after business around Shawnee has been hit by thieves in the last couple of weeks.

Amy Escalante, a clerk at a Shawnee gas station, noticed some suspicious behavior in one of the cars parked at the pumps Sunday morning.

"I noticed they had stocking caps pulled over their faces and they had their heads in their chests like that real passed out. I said OK, I don't think I'm really going to mess with these guys," Escalante says.

She called Shawnee Police. They took the two men into custody when they found the car loaded with suspicious items like laptops, electronics and even a guitar.

Detective Jason Crouch said he even got a confession from one.

"It was a small sports car and they couldn't close the trunk so they had to bungee cord the trunk closed. The driver of the vehicle said all the stuff that was in there. He confessed to me that he had done the break-in at a body shop and a muffler shop."

22-year-old William Collins and 35-year-old John Riddle were arrested. 

Police are still looking for more people possibly involved in the crimes.