NEW: OHP identifies trooper in road rage teen shooting

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NORMAN, Okla. -- The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has released the identity of the trooper who shot a teenager during a road rage arrest in Norman, Sunday morning.

That trooper is 37-year-old Joseph Kimmons, a 14 year veteran of the OHP.
Kimmons , Joe

He shot 16-year-old Miguel Spencer, who was driving a friend's car when the road rage incident began near I-35 and Tecumseh Road. The bullet went through Spencer's arm and into his chest.

Sunday, an OHP spokesperson said Spencer rear-ended a female driver, who then followed the teen's car.

OHP said when Spencer stopped his car, he and two friends got out, approached the woman's car and threw a brick at her windshield.

After Trooper Kimmons and a game warden arrived at the scene, Spencer allegedly got into struggle with the game warden. That's when Kimmons shot Spencer to end the struggle.

Spencer's mother said Monday her son never hit another car, he never threw a brick, and she does not believe the shooting was justified.

"It shouldn't have happened. He's (Kimmons) trained with a gun. He shot to kill my son," Tori Spencer said. "He shot him in the chest with a .45 (gun) in the chest. A 16-year-old boy that was not in a threatening position."

Trooper Kimmons was placed on routine paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

However, OHP's Betsy Randolph said the trooper would not have fired his gun if he didn't think his life was in danger. Moore teen road rage OHP

"Our troopers are highly trained and take it very seriously before they would even point a weapon at somebody," Trooper Randolph said. "So this was a serious situation out here today."

OHP released no other details about the shooting and would not speak on camera Monday.

The bullet was removed from Spencer's sternum Sunday.

Tori Spencer said her son was still in a hospital Monday evening, but he was expected to be taken to a juvenile detention facility in Norman, Monday night.

Road rage is a very real mind-set. Dealing with road rage easier said than done. A psychologist shared tips on how to avoid it:

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