Top 5 sales shoppers usually miss in fall months

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Stores that normally see slumps in the cooler months are offering big discounts just to get you in the door.

From wineries to car dealerships, the best deals of the season are ready for shoppers to snatch up now.

Wine—most vineyards release their newest vintages during the fall harvest season, and you can stock up on a divine full selection

Gym memberships—Gyms lick their chops at New Year’s resolution time and in anticipation of summer when people want to get that beach bod. But slide into a gym in the fall when the health clubs are desperate for new blood.

Home appliances— The new models for washer-dryers and fridges arrive in September and October, so you can get steals on last year’s models.

Computers—Buy a new computer after the back-to-school rush and when retailers want to get the merchandise off their hands.

Cars—With new models dropping into dealerships in September, October and November, it can bring huge savings, at least 10 percent, on the previous year’s model. Forget bargaining with a huffy dealer; get time on your side.

Information from TheStreet’s Personal Finance Editor, Ross Kenneth Urken.

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