Real-life hot dog finds self in bit of a pickle

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A real-life hot dog found itself in a bit of a pickle.

Only firefighters could save the animal after it became trapped in a hole beneath a rock.

It took more than two hours of digging for this moment.

A 4-year-old Dachshund named “Precious” is back in the arms of her owner.

One trip outside to use the bathroom all turned into a serious issue for the pup.

Precious took off from the front of the house to the backyard, went into a groundhog hole and got stuck.

The Penn Hills Fire Chief and his crew of 15 volunteer firefighters worked from the top down, digging into the hillside and removing part of the landscape.

The whole time never seeing the dog but they could hear her.

Chief Randy Dolton said, “The difficult part was digging away the dirt and everything and trying not to collapse the hole and cut off her air, you know?”

They even had oxygen and a camera from the sewage department on standby.

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