Storms possible this weekend

Earthquake swarm rattles a localized area of the metro

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Multiple small earthquakes have been reported in a localized area of Oklahoma City metro today. Here is a list of those that occurred this morning.

* 12:17 am — NE 122nd and Douglas Blvd – 3.2 Magnitude
* 12:24 am — NE 122nd and Midwest Blvd – 2.2 Magnitude
* 6:46 am — NE 122nd and Midwest Blvd – 2.5 Magnitude
* 11:27 am — NE 122nd and Midwest Blvd – 2.7 Magnitude

If you have felt an earthquake in Oklahoma you can call 918-366-4152 or preferably take a second to let us know you felt the earthquake by filling out the form. This allows us to more readily respond to earthquakes in Oklahoma.
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