Rain chances possible this week

Mike Morgan among those honored for his efforts to keep Oklahomans safe

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- NewsChannel 4 and all its employees were reminded of the importance of one of our key missions.

Everyone at this television station is committed to keeping you and your family safe; especially during severe weather.

Tonight, there was special recognition for our Chief Meteorologist, Mike Morgan.

He was among those recognized for the tireless effort that goes into forecasting Oklahoma’s deadly weather.

On this night, Mike Morgan wanted to honor the victims of those storms so he invited several folks who were hit hard by May's tornado outbreak.

You might remember E.H. Pittman. He was paralyzed when the tornado hit the 7-11 store where he was working in Moore. He had just returned from Afghanistan after serving our country for a year.

Mike also invited Geary and Suzan Whaley. The Whaley's were on I-40 near Shawnee when the May 19th twister lifted their SUV and slammed it to the ground.

Geary was left in critical condition and we've been following his incredible recovery.

Congratulations to all those recognized and we are very proud of Mike Morgan and the 4 Warn Storm Team.