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Beware: Grady county deed scam warning

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICKASHA, Okla. -- Leaders in Grady county are warning folks to be on the lookout for a possible scam making the rounds.

A company out of Delaware is sending letters out to residents in the county offering them a copy of their property deed.

The deed notices claim people can get a copy of their deed for $83.

In reality, if people come for those records at the county clerks office, the true cost is one dollar.

"These are public records. They're available at a very low cost," said Grady county clerk Sharon Shoemake.

"I read it and I thought something is not right here," said Brenda Gail West.

Brenda says she got one of the deed notices mailed to her home this week, although she didn't fall victim.

"I'm just glad I read it and caught on very quickly," said West.

One employee at the county courthouse also once received a similar notice.

"I knew better because I worked in the clerks office, I knew it was a scam," said Kim Thomas.

A quick web search shows a series of scam alerts and warnings for the company in question called Record Transfer Services.

We called the company and a customer service rep said the deed notices are not a scam.

"It's a convenient service to provide them a copy of their deed, if they're not able to go to their county," said the representative.

Still, the Grady county clerk says if anyone gets the processing notices in the mail, it's not a company anyone should use.

"Don't spend that kind of money. You can come in and get it for a dollar," said Shoemake.

"I would definitely throw it away.  It's a scam," said Thomas.