UPDATE: Suspect, involved in manhunt near Tecumseh, has been captured

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UPDATE: The suspect from the Friday night manhunt has just been apprehended in Shawnee without incident.

James Morgan or “Tater” as he is known on the streets was arrested by the Tecumseh Police department, Pott Co. District Task Force, Pott Co District Attorney and Sheriff Deputies.

He is being booked into the Pottawatomie County Jail on the original drug charges and will face new charges of assault with a deadly weapon for trying to run over one of the officers on Friday night.

The District Attorney will decide if more charges will be filed after reviewing the case.

From Friday:

TECUMSEH, Okla. -- A manhunt is underway at Highway 9 and Scaggs City Rd., near Tecumseh.

Police are searching for James Morgan. He's wanted for drug possession, but when police tried to serve a warrant for his arrest Friday, he ran.

Investigators say he jumped in a black Chevrolet and tried to run over three officers. That's when one officer shot back hitting his car. Police say the gunfire missed Morgan, and he lead them on a chase a mile east on HWY 9.

Morgan wrecked the car at Scaggs City Road and Highway 9 and ran on foot. That was a mile and a half from his home.

Police say this is the second time Morgan has lead officers on a chase. Two months ago, Asst. Chief J.R. Kidney says, he ran when they showed up to his home to serve the same warrant for drugs. They never caught him then.

They came back Friday with the same outcome.

Police and the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office are searching by air and on foot.

Police are bringing in a helicopter with an infrared camera on it to search for Morgan (AKA: tater). If he is not found they'll stop for the night.

He is wanted for drug possession and committing a crime with a computer. There is no word what crime he committed on a computer.

NewsChannel 4 spoke with his neighbor, Aaron Pipkin and Assistant Police Chief J.R. Kidney.

Here is a photo of James Morgan:

James Morgan

James Morgan

Here are some photos of the scene around the multi-force manhunt in around Tecumseh: