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Neighbors respond to Norman killing

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NORMAN, Okla. -- Police have released the name of a teenager charged with murder of a Norman man during a home invasion.

Myron Burris, 17, was arrested September 20th by Norman Police for allegedly killing Nicholas Williams.  Authorities will charge him as an adult.

NewsChannel 4's Bree Steffen went to the apartment complex where the killing took place to learn more about the suspected murderer.

"No, he didn't seem like a very good kid. We tried to keep our distance from him just because of the way he acted," says neighbor Cara Hikok

"He's really disrespectful. Every time I`d see him he was always causing some sort of trouble," says Tracy Hikok.

Police say the teen broke into Nicholas Williams' apartment to steal from him and was surprised to find his neighbor home. The two fought and Burris shot Williams in the leg.

Williams called 911 for help and even talked to police officers when they arrived, but he died of blood loss from the wound shortly after being taken to the hospital.

The crime unfolded just a few doors down from the Hickok family.

"It was kind of scary just because it was right down there and I have my three kids. I was here alone, and it could have happened to us," says Cara.

The couple says they've had run-ins with Burris before.

"I actually caught him breaking into my car one night. I look out my window and I see legs hanging out of it. And I walk out there and he`d stolen some money out of my center console," says Tracy.

Neighbors say police are in and out of the apartment complex all the time, but this incident makes it impossible to feel safe.

"Especially with my newborn daughter, kind of makes me wonder because I work nights, so it's just my wife and three kids at home when I'm not here," says Tracy.

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