Gov. Fallin issues statement on federal shutdown’s effect on state offices

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Gov. Mary Fallin

Governor Fallin’s Communications Director, Alex Weintz, says:

“Oklahoma’s state government will be open tomorrow regardless of whether or not the federal government is. State entities and state services will, in large part, not be immediately affected by a federal shutdown. An exception is the Oklahoma National Guard, which may face furloughs. For more information on the National Guard, please contact Col. Max Moss at 918 381-1173.

A prolonged federal shutdown could result in a more widespread reduction of government services at the state level. Additionally, a shutdown of any length could result in economic uncertainty that affects economic growth and job creation.

Governor Fallin, acting in her role as chair of the National Governors Association, today coauthored a letter with NGA Vice Chair Governor John Hickenlooper warning of the negative impacts of a government shutdown.”

The text of that letter can be viewed here:

Oklahoma, an investigative news site, reported today that the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, the site of the A.P. Murrah Federal Building bombing, will stay open in the event of a federal government shutdown.

The facility operates as a 501 (c)3 tax-exempt organization, said director Kari Watkins, and is financed mostly by voluntary contributions and admission revenue.

The site has two National Park Service rangers working on any given day. They will not continue working if a government shutdown occurs, but that will not affect operations, Watkins said.

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