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Lankford votes to fund federal government, supports fairness for all Americans

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U.S. Representative, James Lankford, 5th District

Washington, DC — House Republican Policy Committee Chairman James Lankford (R-OK) issued the following statement after he joined his colleagues in the House to vote on the third piece of legislation this week to fund the federal government and avoid a government shutdown:

“Earlier today, the Senate rejected Friday’s House-passed bill which would have funded the federal government until December 15 and delayed the implementation of ObamaCare for one year. Majority Leader Reid’s decision to ‘table’ the bill and not even allow the Senate to debate is unfair to millions of Americans, especially federal employees and their families.

Tonight, the House amended the current continuing resolution to fund the federal government through December 15. The amendment will delay for one year the individual mandate and the individual tax penalties Obamacare imposes on millions of Americans. Individual Americans should have the same waiver that large businesses have already received from the Administration. The amendment will also require Members of Congress, congressional staff, the President, Vice President, Cabinet members and political appointees to get their health insurance from the exchanges set up by ObamaCare without subsidies and exemptions. If individuals on the exchanges cannot receive contributions from their employers, Members of Congress, their staffs and the Administration should not either.

I hope the Senate acts quickly, since current government funding expires at midnight tonight. The Senate can move quickly when they choose to. I am pleased that the Senate unanimously voted today on the House-passed bill to ensure our military personnel are paid in the event of a federal government slowdown. The House wanted to make sure all military and the civilians that support our military do not face another cut. I will continue to work with Members of the House to do everything we can to fund the federal government and protect as many Americans from a law that is not ready for implementation,” concluded Lankford.

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